Thursday, July 29, 2010

Countdowns Make Things Go By Faster

I feel as though me writing my first blog is a momentous occasion, sort of a "coming of age" deal. Mostly because I have always viewed bloggers as those who are women over the age of 30(25 in the Mormon world) who have been married for a few years. These bloggers make their blogs in order to show family and friends their newlywed lives, or their kid's cute new birthday parties. Well I just turned 19, and I'm making a blog for a whole different reason. I am making it for two reasons. Number one:  to document my travels before I become a newlywed blogger. Number two: China doesn't allow me to facebook, and frankly I love facebook to death. How else am I going to show off to my friends and family all my cool pictures of me by the Great Wall? So, why am I going to China?  I figure that I'm young, and am starved for adventure. While I was at BYU-Idaho, I found an ad for an opprotunity to start my adventure. So, starting August 16th, I am leaving the comfort of good old America, and I am flying to China to teach English.  I will be teaching in Dao Xian, which is in the Hunan Provence. I'm slightly nervous. Especially because this is the only picture I could really find of my middle school, and yes, they are washing their clothes in that muddy pond thing. I have no idea what I'm getting into, but I'm too excited to care. haha. I can't wait to meet friends, travel, and experience as much as I can. 

So my countdown begins. I will be leaving for China in 19 days. Wish me luck!